Get Move-Ready and Declutter!

Some of us fear the day we need to move and by moving we don’t just mean into a house, flat or re-evaluating your inventory. It’s throwing away all the unnecessary items that you haven’t used in years or sorting through the goods you simply can’t let go of.

With these 5 steps, you can declutter in just minutes.

  1. Have fun!
    Follow Dale Carnegie’s quote – “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”Have fun, and let the rest of the family join in.
  2. Time!
    Don’t wait until the day before your move, give yourself enough time to prepare, to sort out what goes where.
  3. Unnecessary goods!
    Before packing you will need to sort out all your house hold goods first. Make different piles of goods: the ones you want to take to the new house, the ones you haven’t seen or used in years and goods you need to store.
  4. Declutter!
    After you have decided which of the items you are keeping, take them there. Never keep them for a day in your house or guess what – they’ll end up right back in your new space.
  5. Sit Back!
    Give us a call, we have space to store your valuables for short or long term.

Let us help you create the extra space you need. Store with us from as little as R550 per month.
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